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Pay-As-You-GO Services

The biotechvana cluster is a set of bioinformatic servers maintained by our team for delivery of cloud computing services to users interested in to run themselves the pipelines hosted for analysis of sequencing data we host and mantain in the cluster.

We currently host the following pipelines:
  • Pipelines for de novo assembly and annotation of genomes, transcriptomes, metagenomes and metatranscriptomes.
  • Pipelines for differential expression and enrichment analysis of RNAseq data.
  • Pipelines for statistic analysis.

The users are provided with a user account, technical support to run the analyses and as many disk space and RAM as neccesary to process and analyze and store the data while the accession to the cluster is provided via a friendly-to-use system of interfaces based on the GPRO suite.

The service is oriented to customers and sequencing services with which we collaborate and that prefer to run themselves the analyses, learning by doing the protocol and methods and getting a substantial economical benefit as the user pays only for the computational time consumed, the technical support to run the analyses and the backup of data if this service is also requested. As these requirements usally vary depending on the sequencing experiment, number of samples or complexity of the data each project is an independent pay-as-you go approach that must be previously evaluated and quoted by us.

Please contact us for more details about this service.

Server Administration Services

For centers with high volumes or requirements of data processing we offer the possibility to establish with us a contract of integrated services where we act as bioinformatic administrators collaborating with the bioinformatic team of the center.

Under this modality of services we provides during 12 months the human resources, technology and expertise for the creation, administration and mantainance of a bioinformatic infraestructure in the cluster or server of the customer center.

This service includes instalation, compilation and manteinance of backend components such as software, configuration of pipelines, databases, as well as front end components to access the server and pipelines based on GPRO suite and/or if required, others bioinformatic solutions. The service also includes administration of users accounts including asignation of disk space, permissions, batch, computational time per user as well as backups mantainance and technical support and training to acces and manage the infraestructure.

The service is annual and can be renewed each year. The price and person months we must to dedicate to this service is personalized and logically varies depending on the cluster characteristics and the number of users that will access and use it.

If you are interested in getting more information about our services for server administration, please contact us and we will be glad to have a personalized meeting with you in order to evaluate your requirements and make you an offer adapted to these requirements.

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