Build a sequence logo, using the information-theory-based methodology to generate graphical representations of the consensus sequence of gapped and ungapped protein and DNA alignments. The server also compiles HMMER, allowing you to build a HMM-profile and a majority-rule consensus sequence from the same alignment.

Alignment Format Converter

Convert, in a sole step, one alignment from an original format to one or more different formats; It supports Clustal, Phylip, Stockholm, Fasta, MSF, and Pir formats.

Join alignments

Join independent multiple alignments into one single alignment (only the fasta format is allowed).

RMXSC (Obsolete, not available anymore)

RMXSC is a tool for converting Reference Manager's exported databases in XML format to a file in SQL format suitable for most common database engines filtering non useful information and avoiding repeated entries. This tool is presented as a web server but it can also be downloaded for its installation on any computer by Biotechvana Bioinformatics subscribers.


R-TOOLS is an in-progress collection of scripts for statistical analysis mainly (but not exclusively) developed in R where each script can be accessed via a web inteface for you to upload the input file (formatted as a csv file) and then to fill the distinct fields where correspond to tune the analysis.

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