As sequencing throughput keeps growing due to the advent of next generation DNA sequencing methods, computational tools to handle large volumes of biological data become necessary.

One of the most recurring difficulties in biological sequence analysis is the edition of large sequences.

TIME is a tool implemented with up-to-date algorithms and computational methods to tackle this problem by providing efficient memory management.

  • TIME is your new solution when similar software is limited or obsolete
  • It is capable of handling both nucleotide and amino acid sequences of up to 25×106 characters
  • TIME can be easily operated by unskilled users due to its intuitive and user friendly interface
  • It puts the most common operations one click away
  • Increase your speed and productivity in your analyses
  • Comprehensive and fully detailed manual online

About TIME

TIME is a powerful and versatile biological sequence editor that allows you to edit, translate and manage large nucleotide and peptide sequences.

TIME fulfills the basic requirements for biological sequence analysis with professional functions displayed in a clean and streamlined interface.

TIME enables the simultaneous edition of multiple sequences, search capabilities to retrieve open reading frames as well as motifs such as restriction, binding or priming sites, in single occurrences or clustered by region.