Due to revolutionary advances in the field of sequencing, researchers nowadays have to put up with an overwhelming amount of data output from next-generation-sequencing technologies, easily surpassing a million of simultaneous reads for one project alone.

To cope with these vast numbers of data we developed a combination of a scientific network accompanied by an interacting piece of powerful software that lets you manage, edit, process and analyze your data all in one friendly-to-use interface or GUI.

  • Tested maximum distribution of CPU bandwith for high-throughput analyses
  • Included desktop application with an user-friendly an intuitive interface, consisting of a microsoft orientated layout that was especially designed for fitting the needs of both informatic experts and amateurs
  • Analyses and results just in a single click
  • Automatic annotations
  • Optimized speed enhancements for your analyses
  • Full online documentation and easily comprehendable manual
  • Full update support and steady improvement

About GPRO

GPRO is a multifunctional bioinformatic platform, consisting of a perfectly matching software coupled with a modular pipeline hosted on a high-end computing server (The GyDB Project) allowing you to run intensive computational jobs in remote private session.