Features of GPRO

The first version of GPRO consist of an installable multifunctional software coupled online with a bioinformatic pipeline implementing the following main features:

  • Creating and format BLAST databases
  • Running intensive BLAST, HMM computational jobs in remote private sessions
  • Processing the outputs of these jobs

A friendly-to-use interface implementing a desktop, a directory, two menus, a FTP, a worksheet annotation system and other tools to organize and manage your data.

A sequence editor for the molecular analysis of DNA/RNA and proteins sequences. The tool edits and translates sequences of up to 25 Mbases, changes their orientation and geometry, find ORFs and motifs.

A database editor for editing database files allowing you to search and replace terms in multiple sequences simultaneously, as well as to find, export and remove sequences motifs and labels.

A suite of utilities to join, split, rearrange and re-label the contents of multiple distinct files and folders, simultaneously.

Tools for creating HMM profiles, consensus sequences, and sequences logos using DNA and protein multiple alignments as inputs.

Tools for managing and change the format of multiple alignment files.

For deep details about the multiple distint features of GPRO read the manual.

A versatile and easy-to-use worksheet annotation management system implementing a wide variety of functions for:

  • Creating and removing data
  • importing, exporting, dividing and combining databases using distinct criteria
  • Adding, searching and replacing terms
  • Coloring the data information according to key terms (mapping, annotation, function, statistics, etc.)
  • Linking annotation file to a sequence database
  • Automatic annotation of your candidate genes using the gene ontology and other biological vocabularies