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GPRO is an in-progress open access project in hightroughput (HTS) bioinformatics, developed and maintained by Biotechvana and collaborators with the aim to provide research teams with cloud computing tools for management of pipelines for omic data analysis, as well as desktop tools for downstream analysis and knowledge discovery.

  1. A bioinformatic infrastructure consisting of a collection of resources (cutting- edge software and pipelines, databases and scripts) installable in calculation servers or in personal computers (PCs) powered with RAM and hard disk space enough. The bioinformatic infraestructure only run in Linux environments. More details about the bioinformatic infraestructure and hardware requirements are available here.

  2. A software suite consisting of several standalone software installable in the user's PC. Some of these applications are linked to the remote server that hosts the bioinformatics infrastructure, thus offering friendly-to- use interfaces for accessing the user's server account and managing the omic pipelines. The other applications provide a variety of functions and tools for results and sequence data integration, mining, management, filtering and interrogation. The suite has been designed and programmed in JAVA, meaning that the suite can be installed in every PC supported by the most common operating systems, MACOs, Windows and Linux.

The current version of GPRO is the 2.0, downloadable here. The former 1.0 version correspond to original GPRO and TIME prototypes still accesible here but that is not longer mantained by our team.


Run pipelines for differential expression and enrichment analyses of the GPRO server bioinformatic infrastructure
A tool for preprocessing, assembly, scaffolding and annotation of sequence databases
A sequence database editor with multiple sequence manipulation functions
A tool for run easily customizable scripts for statistical analysis mainly developed in R
A NGS data worksheets and GFF format files editor with selection, filtering, plots and more functions
HTS Genotyping
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GPRO licensing and Usage

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